It’s a 6x6m tent or more permanent structure decorated with a beautifully detailed sideshow banner line and eye catching lights. Decorated with a stunningly detailed sideshow banner line and eye catching carnival lights complete with ticket box and spruiking platforms and run by dynamic performers, including some of Australia’s smallest entertainers, dressed in vintage safari suits boldly informing/ warning the public of what they are about to see/ show times and creating an impressive facade. The outside spectacle is a show in itself.

Inspired by the old time freakshows, medical museums and fine art galleries, this beautiful and bizarre exhibit of genuine mutated animals is like no other.

The Mutant barnyard is Australia’s largest collection of authentic freak animals, including Daisy & Maisy the world famous two headed calf, Dido the double bodied duckling, a double faced piglet with three eyes and much, much more.

All of these exciting exhibits are professionally taxidermied, mummified and preserved medical specimens, or important items from freakshow history.

‘The Mutant Barnyard’ is designed primarily as a travelling sideshow museum with a live guided tour of 10 to 15 minutes to show and highlight the collection of mysterious animal mutations. It can also be tailored for corporate events as a museum installation or as a live show.

The Space Cowboy, sideshow extraordinaire and freakshow historian, has collected the odd and the unusual from over 40 countries, and now for the first time his magnificently grandiloquent mutations of anatomy will be displayed to the public.

In this exotic Menagerie of mysterious marvels you will see a genuine two-headed calf, a turkey with four legs, authentic Siamese twins, A cyclops silky born with no brain, and other truly bizarre examples from nature.

You will be talking about this educational and eye-popping carnival of wonders for years to come.

Indulge your curiosity and come face to face with the beautiful, the grotesque and the unimaginable.

The Mutant Barnyard